Asher: Junior year’s the toughest

Promise Asher, Yearbook copy editor

I still remember the months leading up to junior year, everyone told me it would be the hardest year yet.

And I can’t help but say that they were right.

Junior year is the hardest because your classes increase in difficulty, there is more pressure to have plans for the future and also the overwhelming schedule.

One of the worst parts about junior year is the ACT, though. Nothing says self-deprecation quite like a test that determines your future and makes you feel inadequate.

Plus, who could forget the countless amount of times you get asked what you want to do when you’re older.

Simple answer: I don’t know.

Even though your third year of high school is rough, it is also a year that shapes you into the best possible version of yourself. You learn how to manage your time, how to become better organized, juggle multiple activities and you learn that despite what you might think, it is OK to have some bad days.

You will have great memories, you will have high moments. You will learn to laugh at yourself, to push yourself, to recognize all that you’re capable of.

You will meet new people, you will try new things and have plenty of adventures.

It’s going to be beautiful.

To those juniors wrapping up their second semester, good job.

And to the sophomores about to enter their junior year, good luck. It will be challenging, but it will be the best one ever.