American Sign Language hand painting photo gallery (photos By Kaitlyn Strobel)


The supplies that ASL students are allowed to have fo paint their hands.

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  • A student picks out a certain brush for painting her partners hand.

  • A ASL student picks out a yellow paint and puts it in her palette.

  • The assortment of paints the ASL students have too choose from.

  • Junior Katy Yell and her partner paint a octopus on their hands.

  • Sophomore Jessica Keasey works on blending the colors together to paint a sunset.

  • Sophomore Bailey Murrow holds her hand still to get a Pepsi can painted on it.

  • Sophomore Jordan Crone paints the base color on Freshman Callie Knudson’s hand for a fish.

  • Sophomore Brooklyn Baxter holds her arm still to get colors blended.

  • The supplies that ASL students are allowed to have fo paint their hands.

  • A ASL student holds her hand up to get panted so its easier for her partner to paint.

  • Sophomores Jessica Keasey and Brooklyn Baxter mirror each other to see if they painted the correct hands

  • A ASL student paints the base color of black on her partners hand.

  • Freshman Callie Knudson and Sophomore Jordan Crone dry Callie’s hand so they can continue painting.

  • 2 ASL students dry their hands.

  • Kaylia Murray paints her partners hand yellow for her project.

  • 2 ASL students focus on the painting going on.

  • 2 ASL students starting to do little touch ups too the hands too make them better.

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