Belsan brings life experiences into classroom

Eccentric Derby teacher's passions includes family, theater, travel

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Derby High senior Zach Bynum, a 21st Century Journalism student, wrote this as part of his final project.

While passing by the decorated door of room M-14 in Derby High School, you wouldn’t immediately guess that you’re passing by the room of a world traveler, a planter of churches, and a proud Chicago native, but that’s exactly what you’d be doing.

Ed Belsan lived in Chicago until he was 38.

“I’m Chicago born and bred,” he said.

Belsan received his bachelor’s degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago and his master’s degree in biblical studies at Moody Bible Institute.

In his free time he writes poetry and not only performs theater, but likes to go see theater as well. On top of that, fittingly, he loves to read.

“I’m never lacking for things to do,” Belsan said.

Belsan has eight children, six of whom are married, as well as 10 grandchildren.

“They’re definitely a big part of my life,” he said.

In the summers Belsan likes to travel. He’s gone on eight trips to Europe with Derby students and has taken many trips to state parks with some of his children.

When it comes to teaching, Belsan has over two decades of experience.

He taught for four years as an adjunct professor at Cowley Community College and has taught at DHS for 18 years.

Belsan currently teaches freshman and senior english as well as AP literature and Bible as literature at Derby High School.

“I like to have fun in my classes,” Belsan said.

Joel Craig, a senior at DHS who took Belsan’s Bible as literature course, can corroborate this claim:

“I enjoyed Mr. Belsan’s class because there was never a dull moment. He has traveled the world and had the stories to show for it, and he still did an effective job at teaching,” Craig said.

Daniel Dunn, also a senior and former student of Belsan’s, enjoyed most the interaction that Belsan had with his students.

“I think that’s why many kids like his class and (Belsan) as a teacher and person,” Dunn said.


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Belsan brings life experiences into classroom