Forsberg’s legacy of care sure to be remembered

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(Derby High’s Sawyer Clifton, a 21st Century Journalism student, wrote this as part of his final project.)

When it comes to teaching not many have what it takes. Of the few brave men and women of education Michelle Forsberg is one of those few.

Teaching for the last 25 years, Forsberg is one you’ll be sure to remember.

“Forsberg has many reasons to be remembered, here are just a few,” Justin Crease said.

Teaching is one of those poor paying jobs that will make you question your thinking. Forsberg is one optimistic teacher about any day no matter the situation.

Even if you can tell she is not having a good day, she’d never admit to it. Forsberg is always on the bright side of every situation.

Being an optimistic teacher is why students come to class. Students want to know their next class is a class they are happy to be in. For many that class is Forsberg’s.

“When I’m having a bad day, no matter when I have Forsberg’s class, I still remember to be optimistic like her,” Lauren Amend said.

Forsberg has taught at both Rose Hill and Derby. She also taught college freshman. Forsberg has had the opportunity to teach several gifted classes as well.

You can hear the passion in her voice when she speaks of teaching and when she sees the look in a student’s eye once they understand a confusing topic.

This is the teacher you do not disrespect. Forsberg is a well-respected teacher and has deserved it. Any student of hers knows where the line is drawn and not to cross it.

Over her career Forsberg has seen many things in class and in the school environment. One thing that she will never forget is when two of her students fought in class.

Forsberg described it as a “bloody punch, then it was over.”

As we all do as a high schooler, we dream. Forsberg wanted to become a veterinarian as a young woman in high school. She also played softball and basketball.

High school was an important part of Forsberg’s life. She wanted only the best education for herself and her future. She kept up with her grades because she knew what was truly important.

On any given school day, you may hear her getting on to students and nitpicking about their misused English. This is only because she truly cares about each and every one of her students.

High school had to be a big impact on why Forsberg is such a good teacher. High school is also the thing believed to be what swayed Forsberg to become a teacher.

Now all grown up and a mother of four, Forsberg has two kids of her own but wanted to care for more. She housed one young man as an exchange student and plans on another soon, this time a girl.

When school starts to come to an end or semester finals are upon us, Forsberg is the one many students turn to. She is always there to help and motivate. Given any situation she will find the bright side and how it’s going to all work out all with a smile on her face.

After so many students hard freshman year comes to rest, Forsberg has been busy. But she only pushes further and keeps you on track and ready for summer and sophomore year.

Forsberg likes freshmen the best because she is a mother. Forsberg is constantly in mom mode and that alone makes her an amazing teacher along with her other many talents.

“Derby High is a lucky school to have many talented teachers. But none compare to Michelle Forsberg. A teacher, a mother and a role model,” Emma Palmer said.

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Forsberg’s legacy of care sure to be remembered