Move to Chromebooks truly a … joy

Leah Khanu, Online editor

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They’re small. They’re lightweight. They’re the brand new Chromebooks and they’re available for our usage.

They allow you to connect to the internet. Sure, it’s not as fast as a Mac, but now you have plenty of time to contemplate your next existential crisis while you google from any of the 16 websites that aren’t blocked.

Or use your email. Your school email. Not the one with the embarrassing handle that you created in 6th grade. This is your opportunity to rid yourself of that bad decision.

By the way, the Google jumping dinosaur game isn’t available anymore, but that’s OK. The hours spent trying to beat your lab partner’s high score can be spent actually doing the lab.

As for the times when you don’t have the internet or homework to do, you can just admire the matte black and gray synthetic plastic surrounding the miniature screen. Who needs a high quality display as big as your face if you have the dimly lit, high contrast adorable mini-screen, amirite?

These suckers are so light and compact, you’ll sometimes forget you have them in your backpack. Their composition of cheap plastic instead of metal is really convenient for those who don’t wish to add the weight of technology to their AP Calculus textbooks.

In conclusion: stop whining, I miss the Macbooks too.

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Move to Chromebooks truly a … joy