Derby senior hopeful she’ll stop driving into motionless objects

Emma Kleinschmidt

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To most people, car accidents are scary and unpredictable. But for Tatum Haney, it’s a regular thing.

“I’ve been in five wrecks and only one was with another vehicle, so I would say I’m just not very good at paying attention and driving,” Haney said.

From mailboxes to softball bags, Haney has run over just about everything in between.

“One time before softball practice I didn’t look before I reversed and I ran over mine and another girl’s softball bag. I ruined her face mask,” she said. “It was hilarious but I felt bad.”

However, the worst accident was at the beginning of summer when she ran into a mailbox next to her friend’s house.

“Everyone came outside and was laughing and yelling at me,” she said.

Her car, however, has only had minor damage done to it.

Despite all the embarrassment, Haney is still a pretty confident driver and hopes to stop running into motionless objects.

The most recent occurrence was hitting one of the cement poles in front of a gas station before school. At this point Haney is not even fazed by the incidents and just drives away like nothing happened (as long as there is no damage to anyone else’s property).

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Derby senior hopeful she’ll stop driving into motionless objects