Q&A with AVCTL golf champ Emma Johnson

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Q&A with AVCTL golf champ Emma Johnson

Nathaniel Baucum

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Senior Emma Johnson won the AVCTL Division I league title, her fourth this year.

How did it feel returning to the course where you placed 11th on Sept. 27 at the Hutchinson Invitational and on Oct. 1 taking first for league?

“I liked playing it on Thursday and coming back on Monday because I knew what I needed to do to do better since I already played on it.”

What was going through your head when you found out that Derby almost secured second place and was just two points behind Maize and Hutchinson for the team title?

“I looked back just going through all the holes I could’ve made up for the shots and I blamed myself for not making those shots up and I went through a lot of frustration.”

How have you changed for the better since last season?

“I improved my mental game a lot, which is important for golf. And working on chipping and putting the most because that’s where you can make up a lot of strokes.”

What is your favorite aspect of golf ?

“I like the satisfaction of hitting a really good shot — and I can miss 99 shots but that 100th time, if i make it will bring me back.”

Has there ever been a course that you dreaded playing on?

“Winfield country club course — the greens are super tiny and slopes are very difficult and all together it is just a difficult course.”

How has the team changed for the better this year?

“We’ve improved a lot by practicing together and helping each other out — that has improved our scores.”