DHS Uniform Review: Football (Week 5)

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DHS Uniform Review: Football (Week 5)

Brett Jones

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Due to the limitations of high school uniform design and the limited resources available to high school teams, some of the following criticisms may be rendered moot.


The Panthers threw it on back this week, and it was straight fresh. They wore these threads against Salina South on Sept. 28.


The Jersey


The whole look is fantastic top to bottom. The muted flow between the colors and the elements is stunning.


That muted, almost desaturated, light green paired with a similarly muted yellow works phenomenally. Desaturated, flat colors give a sense of age which works perfectly for the throwbacks.


The white numbers work well and the yellow and green fit so nicely that the yellow outline doesn’t clash with the background. The yellow also adds a nice pop for the numbers.


The striping on the shoulders is the best element of the jersey. It’s unique in comparison to the other looks the football team wears and is authentic to the actual jerseys of the past. It also helps bring out the yellow and white on the numbers and establish them as the secondary colors of the uniform.


One problem I have is the white lining on the bottom of the sleeve. That just shouldn’t be there. It’s very minor and a not a huge issue but it throws the look off a bit. It should just be green all the way down the sleeve. With the white line there it throws off the two-tone, three layer stripes the rest of the jersey has.


With white lining on the bottom it creates this odd four-tone (with the green), four layer stripe which isn’t seen anywhere else on the uniform.


The Helmet


The helmets are spectacular. They’re the same all-white look that I’m in love with but they’ve added a green and yellow stripe.


It’s a great bit of flair that really welcomes the yellow into the uniform and continues to establish the stripe as a uniform element.


Five layer stripes are prime throwback material.


Pants and Socks


The light green pants look good. The monochromatic jersey-pants combo really serves these throwbacks well. When there’s less complicated and intricate colors and uniform elements it allows the uni design to have an aged and nostalgic feel.


The socks are a supreme touch. They’re often ignored in football but adding these stripes to the socks wraps this uniform up nicely.


The socks stripes are level with the jersey stripes and match the stripes on the helmet in color. This gives the uniform a sense of solid unity between all its colors and elements and make the stripes feel like they belong in this identity.


The yellow swoosh is a subtle but stellar detail.




Throwbacks are hard to do wrong since you’re essential just copying and pasting. And whether the original design was good or not doesn’t really matter because it’s the nostalgia you’re going for not the strength of the uni.


The football team nailed these though. Things like the socks and the helmet stripes are small details that make this uniform truly elite.


The flat colors are perfect for the look and the monochrome pants (in previous years they’ve had a stripe) are an improvement and make the uniform cleaner and prevent a stripe overload.


Credit to the expertly adept Erin Kooser for the photos.