Marching band performing Rebel in Kansas State competition tonight

Chloe Brown

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The marching band will perform its show at its first competition tonight at K-State Central States Marching Festival.

The show Rebel is written by Derby graduate Jason Lord. Lord watched the band’s homecoming performance on Sept. 28 and worked with the band the day after for band day.

The show is inspired by Dmitri Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 10, Rush’s Tom Sawyer and Wicked’s Defying Gravity. The show is about a rebellion that is used to make a change and break out of the conformity of society.

For Shostakovich rebelling against Stalin’s tyranny and Elphaba in Defying Gravity rebelling against the wizard’s animal abuse, it was about making a change for themselves and society by creating their own destiny despite what others believed was right.

The show starts with the guard on one side of the field and the band on the other with band doing uniform visuals. The idea is that the band is stuck conforming to society and the guard is breaking free of that mindset.

There is a mellophone solo in the first movement featuring junior Phoenix Richert that also represents the idea of breaking free.

In the second movement, there is a fight scene that shows the conflict and tension of the rebellion.

The third movement focuses on Defying Gravity and features trumpet solos by juniors Adam Schmidt and Beth Wilson and a guard solo by captain and senior Emma Credille.

The final and fourth movement is one last movement of conflict that is ended with guard captain and senior Julie Martin and Richert running toward each other. Then they grab hands and put them into the air symbolizing the end of the rebellion as well as a victory by bringing the guard and the band together.

The band will also compete at the Shawnee Mission North Invitational on Oct. 13 and at the Kansas Bandmasters Association Championships at Washburn University on Oct. 20.