Senior ad deadline is Monday

Jack McDaniel

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With less than a week left to buy a senior ad, there is not much time left, but is it worth it?

Yes, of course, it is worth it, and this is why.

Say you have a savings account or invested in anything. You want your money that you invested to be worth more.

The same principle applies with senior ads. Instead of giving money for money, you are investing money for memories.

Imagine a world where you are a year or two older, and you still have your 2019 yearbook (for sale online or in K-11) you open it up and you say…

“Man, I really wish I had bought a senior ad.”

Well, let’s look at another world were instead you open your yearbook and you say…

“Wow, look at that; I was awesome! I did so many things that year or maybe nothing at all.”

It all come backs back to you in memories. Majority of the time it is not just you looking at your ad.

So is it worth investing in a yearbook ad? It is time for you to decide.

Remember the last day is Dec.3. Stop by K-11 for more information or visit


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Senior ad deadline is Monday