Karsak’s injury ends his junior basketball season

Sophia DiGregorio

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Jacob Karsak is front and center on the basketball court in the Derby Informer’s photo previewing the upcoming basketball season.

But that will be the last time Karsak steps on the court in uniform.

Karsak’s basketball season ended when he suffered a two-way break to the fibula and tore a ligament in his ankle during the opening kickoff of the state championship football game.

“When it happened, just it sounded like a bundle of twigs just squeezing them together and twisting them,” Karsak said.

It is frustrating that he’s relegated to a scooter and a boot.

Initially, Karsak and his family was told that his leg was not broken, but in a follow-up doctor’s appointment, they were told the heartbreaking news.

“After another look at the X-ray today… Him and I had a good cry in the doctor’s office together as we tried to deal with the emotions, especially the disappointment,” Jodie Karsak wrote in a Facebook post.

Those emotions? Being forced to sit courtside during his junior season, one of the biggest seasons for a high school athlete.

Jacob Karsak understands that his current situation will allow him to grow physically and mentally, as well as improve as a teammate and grow in his faith.

The Panthers will miss Karsak’s play.

“Jacob had the potential to be a starter this season, and it really is a devastating thing that happened. There are talented players that are moving up, but none will have the amount of experience that Jacob has,” coach Brett Flory said.

Flory noted that Karsak is a coach’s son — Jodie Karsak is the girls coach and led the Panthers to Derby’s first girls basketball state championship.

Jacob Karsak hopes to be a coach one day and will use his bench time to the fullest.

Instead of playing, Karsak will assist Flory’s coaching staff by charting practices and breaking down video after games.

“We really enjoy having him (Jacob) around this season no matter what his is doing,” Flory said.

Karsak has put his recovery process and his future in sports in the hands of the “great Lord above.”

“Jacob’s outlook is uncommon in that he doesn’t let his emotions stay and get the best of him. It seems that he is able to do that because he believes that God has a purpose for all of this… It keeps him full of hope,” Jodie Karsak said.

Hope that he will succeed in life and sports in spite of adversity.

“He (Jacob) would have been the most consistent three-point shooter on our team and most likely would have averaged double digits in every game,” Flory said.

Derby plays Arkansas City at home on Tuesday.

And if you want to find Karsak, he’ll be on the bench, in the huddle, with the coaches, learning a different perspective of the game he loves.

But he’ll also be utilizing his new talent — popping wheelies on his scooter.

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Karsak’s injury ends his junior basketball season