Christensen: Bob Lutz provides insight into journalism

Chloe Christensen

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Bob Lutz was a former Wichita Eagle writer for 43 years and now has a radio show called “The Drive” with his son, Jeff Lutz. Bob Lutz gave very insightful information on what it takes to be a good journalist.

Lutz was a very humorous guy. He tried hard to make the class laugh as he spoke, even during the more serious questions.

He told the truth about writing in journalism and how it changed throughout the years.

“You don’t do journalism to make a lot of money,” Lutz said, as the class laughed.

Lutz believes that you have to remain curious to be a writer and I think that is true. You can’t go into a story with no care for the topic.

He was very sarcastic and he couldn’t show that in writing, so he thinks that, “radio is a good medium because i get to show my personality.”

I think that Lutz was a great person to speak to young journalists because he talked about how he knew he wanted to write since high school. With knowing that he combined his two passions, writing and sports.

He showed the class what it is really like to work for a newspaper. Lutz brought up points like salary, other people’s views on the media, and writing stories you don’t want to.

With Lutz having been in the newspaper for 43 years, he knew what he was talking about. He could bring up changes and his opinions on them.

Lutz found the best in every situation he talked about and was able to make everyone laugh. I think he could inspire many aspiring journalists to go down the path if you really think you could make it.