Breakups always tough to handle

Emma Baxter

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Relationships are a big thing in high school, whether they are ones you lose or keep.
Breakups are not easy no matter if you have been dating for days, months or years.

Happily ever after isn’t promised even if the promise comes from the other person.

You have to learn to walk alone again. You learn you can’t text that person every second of the day like you used to. You learn to laugh at yourself because you might not have anyone else to laugh with you. You learn to stay at home and spend more time with people you didn’t give much time to before.

Hardest of all you learn to love yourself for yourself.

It’s also not easy to explain the breakup to everyone around you — students, friends, teachers and even people who you don’t know but follow your relationship on social media.

Breaking up isn’t as easy as you probably want it to be. It’s not a clap of your hands and a deep breath — it’s so much more.

You cry and you lose sleep.

And for a while you push people away and you become quiet. You are not you for a while.
You sort of change, and it’s almost like life is crashing around you.
But you will survive.