KAY club starts first of three service projects on Monday

EllieAna Hale

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Pennies for Patients has been a traditional service event for Derby High School, and KAY club is organizing the event.

Starting Monday, raffle tickets will be sold during fifth lunch and during homeroom. By buying a raffle ticket, you earn a chance at a KAY-sponsored Olive Garden lunch.

Raffle tickets are a quarter, and you can by five for $1.

All proceeds will be donated to the Pennies for Patients fund.

This event will be held throughout January, alongside three major donating and service events.

The three events include Miracle Minute, Clean out Your Console and Wipe Out Cancer.

Clean Out Your Console is Jan. 18. KAY members will stand outside the main doors and collect spare change from the people dropping off students.

Miracle Minute is Feb. 1. KAY members will run through the stands during the basketball games at halftime with buckets and collect spare change as fast as possible for a minute.