Khanu: Seniors’ final semester is glorious

Leah Khanu

Around 80 days until graduation – The last day of school for seniors is May 9, graduation is May 11.

Incomplete schedules – Seniors have the opportunity to have incomplete schedules and go home during some blocks of the day. During these blocks you’re not allowed to be on school grounds. McDonald’s is okay, though.

It’s no longer 2018 – Last year was rough. It also took forever. The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics were in 2018, but somehow it seems like they happened 36 years ago, summer went by fast and November and December weren’t even on the timeline.

I have all my college applications in – Now I just have to finish applying for scholarships. (If you plan to go to college and haven’t done any of those things, you should get on it.)

I can buy spray paint now that I’m an adult – And eggs after 10 p.m. Being 18 is great.

I actually know what I’m doing in Calculus now – Winter break has given me the opportunity to rest. Now that I’ve regrown all my brain cells, I can actually process information. At least for now.

Senioritis is acceptable – If I started writing my essay at midnight instead of 6 p.m., I’m not a procrastinator, I just have senioritis. I’ve been a procrastinator since freshman year but that’s besides the point.