Marching band’s mattress fundraiser set for Saturday

Madison Hoag

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The Panther Marching Band is having its annual mattress fundraiser on Saturday in the band room at Derby High. This is the biggest fundraiser the band does.

It brings in thousands of dollars that they use to pay for their halftime show.

Something not a lot of people know is exactly how much money it takes just to run a marching band. Every year adds up to about $20,000.

This includes copyrights for music, the drill written specifically for Derby Band, dry cleaning all the uniforms, paying for food, transportation, competition fees and warm-up uniforms for the new band members.

The students to have to pay some money, but not everyone can afford it or pays their dues. This puts the band in a hard financial spot.

Without this big mattress fundraiser, there would be no band. No one would be there to perform a fun show at football games.

Saturday’s fundraiser is from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Name brand mattresses, accessories and massage chairs will be sold. Since these all can be pricey, especially after the holidays, financing will be offered.

Also, active and retired military, and Derby Public Schools staff will be offered discounts as a thank you for your time.

If you don’t need/want to purchase anything you can still help by just donating.