Review: Super Bowl halftime show was tired

Taelyn Huntley

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It is a true mystery why the 39 year-old singer, Adam Levine, and his band, Maroon 5, performed at the 2019 Super Bowl.

The band of around 24 years would really be the last band that you’d expect to be performing at the halftime show. Especially considering the fact that the Super Bowl was in Atlanta, Georgia and the amount of black artists who have thrived on the charts this year was something to remember.

But I suppose Rihanna and Cardi B boycotting the performance kind of put a wedge in the Super Bowl’s plans.

But not only were we disappointed in the band choice but the incredibly sad attempt at doing justice to the iconic spongebob episode titled, Band Geeks. Where Squidward gets a call from one of his old band mates asking for him to fill in for him to perform at the bubble bowl.

What we wanted was spongebob dancing next to Sheck West and Travis Scott, but all we got was a trumpet solo and fireballs.