Foreign exchange student suggests traveling as much as possible

Maria Magi

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Coming here from Europe, I was somewhat shocked over the fact that many Americans never have left their own country.

I don’t blame them — America is a great country that the citizens should feel proud of. It has every type of biomes land that exists in the world, 50 states with a lot to see, and all in all is a little planet by itself.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t so much more to see.

High school goes by with a blink of an eye, and suddenly you’re in college. Before that, I would strongly suggest looking into studying abroad for a year, or even taking a gap year for traveling.

For many, the meaning of life is exploring the little planet we live on. Traveling gives you great experiences and memories, but also makes you more open minded and understanding of other people and their cultures.

Studying abroad will make you look at life in a completely new way.

The little town of Derby, Kansas, was mind-blowing and thrilling to me; even though I am from a somewhat more exciting, bigger town that lies by the beach in Norway. Imagine how exciting the rest of the world would be for you Kansans.

Although I will be leaving soon, I will always carry a piece of America with me – as I do with every other country I’ve visited. That’s an experience every person deserves to have.

The world is waiting for you.