Pantherettes, Mantherettes rock to the ’80s

Alyssa Baker

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As 80’s throwback music blares and students, parents, and faculty look on, the Mantherettes
perform alongside the Pantherettes at the pep assembly on Feb. 8.
The team that dances alongside the Pantherettes, comprising of male seniors, is the
Mantherettes. This year they performed after the Winter Olympics while results for the games
were being determined.
“They did a lot better than I think anyone expected them to do. They were all just really going for
it and having a good time,” freshman Lynnessa Mack said.
This year the performance’s theme was “Back to the 80’s.” With this theme the Pantherettes
wore leg warmers, colorful “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” shirts, and crimped their hair.
Additionally, the Mantherettes wore “MTV” shirts to fit the 80’s theme.
“We just put work into this and it made me realize that the Pantherettes do more than people
probably think. It was super fun though so it was all worth it and I just hope that people enjoyed
watching it too,” senior Cade Lindsey said.