Health risks in JUULing, vaping often ignored

EllieAna Hale

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JUULing is a widespread health issue for teens.

“A lot of students don’t realize the amount of nicotine found in the JUUL — it is much higher than cigarettes and highly addictive,” Derby High School nurse Christy Fisher said.

High amounts of nicotine are in JUULs, which is why addiction is the leading health risk. That need to JUUL several times a day is a problem.

“The health risks are the fact that nicotine is a very addictive drug,” said Jack Mitchell, director of health policy and national health research.

JUUL addiction has become a widespread issue among Derby High School students.

“JUUL is not cigarettes, but still holds the same amount, or even more nicotine, therefore causing a higher amount of young smokers,” Mitchell said.

Addiction can lead to lifelong problems, such as the lack of control of usage, irritability and higher levels of anxiety.

“The biggest fear is that the young people who vape or JUUL now, will become future cigarette smokers,” Mitchell said.

Future smokers have high risk of heart disease, lung cancer and stroke, according to Mayo Clinic.

“The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) still hasn’t come up with a credible plan to stop young people from JUULing,” Mitchell said.

Targeted marketing focuses on teens specifically, causing students to become desensitized to the health risks of JUULing.

“It is difficult to regulate targeted marketing, due to the high broadcasting, specifically towards young people,” Mitchell said, “Many companies use flavors to attract teenagers and young people to persuade the increase of JUULing.”

The fear of addiction doesn’t seem to deter teens.

“Good decision making, good parenting, and to not give into peer pressure. There is so much peer pressure in schools and toward teens, it’s crazy,” Fisher said.


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Health risks in JUULing, vaping often ignored