WSU Leadership conference a hit with Derby students

Alyssa Baker

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Students felt warmth and kindness at Wichita State University on Tuesday despite the cold
weather surrounding them.
Through various break-out sessions at WSU’s SAS Leadership Conference, gifted reality 101
students learned more about themselves and how to exhibit leadership in every aspect of their
The day began once everyone arrived to the WSU campus and participated in an icebreaker
activity with the attending students from other schools. Students played bingo and the winners
received a prize of an expandable water bottle.
After the ice breaker, students went to three 35 minute break-out sessions that the students
chose prior to arriving. One session featured county commissioner Lacey Cruse who told
students how she embraced the hardships she faced in life to get where she is today. Another
session entitled “Communication is Key” had students pair up with someone they didn’t know
and describe to them how to draw a specific picture. There were many other sessions along
with these that most students thought were fascinating.
“I liked Own You because the speaker was really good and her life was super cool,” freshman
Kyli Bailey said.
After students had a break for lunch, they came back for an interactive session. In this session
students worked with the people at their table to build a lego set. Only one student at a time was
allowed to look at the intended finished product and relay it back to their team. But there was
one catch: that person couldn’t talk or touch the legos once they had seen what it was supposed
to look like.
“The lego challenge was really stressful because we couldn’t talk or touch the legos so we had
to find different ways to communicate what the group was supposed to do. It was interesting to
see how different groups came up with different methods of getting their point across though,”
said freshman Vy Nguyen.
Once this session was over, everyone attended a keynote presentation. During this presentation
students learned that leadership and success aren’t about what you achieve, but rather whether
or not you try again when you don’t succeed at something the first time.
But the event wasn’t all large group activities. People made new friends and hung out with old
ones. All in all, the Derby students appeared to have a great time at the event while also
learning more about exhibiting leadership qualities.
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WSU Leadership conference a hit with Derby students