Versatile Jones leaves legacy

Sophia DiGregorio

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Going with the flow of life is what senior Brett Jones does.

After being rejected by his dream school — the University of Texas — Jones applied to the University of Arizona the next day.

“I don’t like to stress over the things I can’t control,” Jones said.

Jones is also a passionate and energetic person, which is something he tries to show in his videos.

Jones shoots predominantly sports videos at DHS, including a weekly sports segment on DTV.

When the camera turns on, Jones is simply just being himself, even when he smacks the table at the start of his segment.

“On DTV, I try at making it the most extreme version of my personality when I get comfortable around people,” Jones said.

Aside from being a sports anchor, Jones is the video editor for yearbook. You can also see him running up and down the sidelines of the football field or on the baseline of the basketball court trying to catch the best shots he can.

The games that Jones shoots produce over two hours of footage that gets narrowed down to about two minutes in order to keep his audience’s attention.

Jones spends time choosing the clips that are strong, powerful and full of emotion.

All are things that capture the best moments of the game and the personality of the mastermind behind the video camera.

As a kid, Jones made “stupid, little movies” that progressed into more professional works.

He began creating narrative films, but was brought into sports videos as his high school career went on. Sports is what gave Jones an opportunity to show his skills behind the camera.

“It started with the football team… and once I started doing that, I decided to do the basketball team,” Jones said.

Derby has a large audience for sports.

“The most valuable thing that I own is a Twitter (account),” Jones said.

Jones likes to put his videos up on Twitter so others can see it — and potentially create business opportunities.

Weddings, documentaries and short films are all in Jones’s portfolio.

Film and sports have allowed Jones to make connections with athletes and coaches locally.

One of those athletes is senior Kennedy Brown, who played in the McDonald’s All-American game in Atlanta.

Brown committed to Oregon State in October; Jones made her commitment video.

“There’s going to be like a ton of videos and movies made about her, but I was the first,” Jones said.

Jones takes heart in making those videos because he gets to give the public a snippet to the next step of their life.

The next step of Jones’s life is at Arizona, where he will study film making.

Becoming a director would be Jones’s job of choice.

Jones enjoys all of the three phases of film creation.

Preparation, shooting, editing.

“You can have creative control over the entire project, influencing it in the style that you want,” Jones said.