Dying eggs a popular Easter tradition

Emma Kleinschmidt

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Everyone knows when and what Easter is, but do they know the traditions that usually come with the celebration of this holiday?

Dying hard-boiled eggs is probably one of the better-known traditions and is also one of the most creative. If you aren’t as creative as others or just need a little more direction, you can typically find egg-dying kits at any grocery store. Dying eggs isn’t just being artsy, you can eat them too, well, if you like eggs.

Participating in egg hunts and receiving wicker baskets filled with all kinds of goodies is another tradition. A lot of churches and schools put on Easter egg hunts where you show up with your basket looking for one thing: Easter eggs filled with candy. It even becomes a bit of a race when there is a lot of people and not so many eggs.

“(On Easter) we dye eggs and my whole family sits down to do it and we have a lot of fun,” senior Devin Starr said. “We have been doing it since I was a kid.”

The Easter Bunny might be the most widely-known Easter tradition — it dates back to the 1700s. For decades children have anticipated meeting the Easter Bunny. Nowadays, you see more people snapping photos either with or of the bunny itself. The Easter Bunny is also present during a lot of egg hunts.

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, some of these traditions that come along with this holiday might be worth a try.