Best: The 100 dresses a perfect play for elementary school audience

Sophia Best

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The moment you step into the theater, you will be immersed into the Derby High School production of “The 100 dresses.”  With a lively cast, quaint set design, and incredibly behaved audience, there wasn’t any way this wouldn’t be amazing.

“The 100 dresses” is a short and quick play set in the 1940’s about a fourth grade Polish girl named Wanda Petronski, which played by Payton Gillson. Wanda is bullied for being different from her American classmates, and for only wearing one dress.

“At the end, she forgives them,” Gillson said.

“Even though she shouldn’t have,” said Monaye Sanders, who played Peggy Lanton.

The girls then started laughing.

The small cast size, props and short run time makes it a perfect choice for a performance for multiple elementary schools.

The actors’ stunning and lively performances kept the audience engaged and quiet.