Softball builds chemistry through team bonding

Emma Kleinschmidt

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Team bonding is important in any sport, it gives players a chance to mesh with other players that they otherwise might not get close with.

Team bonding is so important, especially at the high school level. It gives the players a better understanding of each other and everyone gets to feel involved.

Derby softball practices team bonding by doing a few different things.

Every game day they meet for breakfast outside the gym doors before school starts. Donuts and juice are provided and it is a time for them to bond off the field as well as chat about the upcoming games that night and what to focus on.

While there are always going to be cliques on any type of sports team, the softball players know that coming together as a whole at least once a week outside of practice will continue to make their team chemistry stronger whether they like each other or not.

There are also occasional team dinners. During these dinners they meet at someone’s house, usually after practice the day before a game, and either everyone brings something to share or players’ parents do the cooking.