Evann McIntosh opens at Spring Into Art

Alyssa Baker

Evann McIntosh, DHS freshman and the first musical performer at Spring into Art, started her show with only around 10 people in the audience, all of which were her friends and family. But as her voice drifted across the park more and more people came to hear her music.

“Her voice just carried across the whole park and it was hard not to want to go see who was playing that music,” Elizabeth Barclay said.

Spring into Art was at Madison Avenue Central Park and began with very few people there, but just 30 minutes in the event was filled with people of all ages enjoying art through various mediums.

McIntosh played a combination of her own songs, three of which are released on Spotify and Apple Music, and hit songs including Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” and Billie Eilish’s “idontwannabeyouanymore.” This brought something for almost everyone in the audience.

Though McIntosh’s performance couldn’t be deemed as perfect, her humorous and easygoing personality made it less awkward for everyone.

“She stopped in the middle of one of her songs and started laughing because the birds flying overhead were making weird noises and she just got the whole audience to laugh for at least a second there,” Brooke Parker said.

McIntosh says she was grateful that she not only got to perform at the event, but also that she got to be the first performer.

“It was just like really cool because I’ve played in coffee shops and stuff like that a lot lately but this was just a whole new experience. I’m also super thankful for my mom because it was her birthday and I just got so caught up in performing that I forgot about it for a little bit but she didn’t even mind, plus she bought me gelato. You can’t get better than that,” McIntosh said.