Acting 3’s final: A puppet tour

Sophia Best

Most finals are either a test about the past semesters or a big project that shows you’ve been paying attention to the teacher.

However, drama teacher Richard Shultz’s final for his Acting 3 class is a little different.

The puppet tour is Acting 3’s final.

Students make their own puppet, decide on a play and perform the play with their puppet at the local elementary schools. This year was Briar-Rose, a puppet version of Sleeping Beauty.

“… Once you’re up there performing, you can feel how happy the audience is. It’s an amazing feeling,” Chloe Simmons, who played the doomed prince, said.

Each elementary school came with a new audience and a new reaction to the performance. At one school, when the prince was trying to muster up the courage to kiss the princess, the kids chanted “DO IT! DO IT!” At another, the kids yelled “ew!” every time the kiss was mentioned.

But at every school, the children were entranced by the puppets. From the moment the puppets would pop out and wave before the performance, to when they gave the kids high-fives and hugs on their way back to class.

“I really liked doing this for them. I’m going to miss it,” said Porter Welch, who played the king.