Finals: Extra credit not always an option


Finals comic by Derby sophomore Chance Dubendorf

Olivia Jones


Finals start Tuesday, and many students want to raise their grades before the final.

But if you’re looking for extra credit in math, not going to happen.

“Math department policy is that we don’t give extra credit,” math teacher Robert Rhodes said.

Math teacher Austin Glanville abides the policy and has his own beliefs on extra credit.

“I feel that if you do the original credit then you wouldn’t need extra credit because you have everything you need to know,” Glanville said. “If I do give extra credit, it’s not enough to make up for a kid who has just done nothing all semester to pull their grade up at the end.”

Math teacher Gretchen Pontious doesn’t do extra credit, but she does offer ways for students to raise their grades.

“I don’t ever do extra credit, but what I let students do is retake a test. One test per nine weeks. If they wanted to reach that grade that is what I would tell them to do,” Pontious said.

In non-math and elective classes extra credit opportunities will depend on the teacher.

“Occasionally,” teacher Jeffrey Yearout responded when asked if he gives extra credit. “It kind of depends on the time leading up to the final whether we are doing any assignments or not, will determine if there will be any bonus credit.”

When students scramble at the last attempt to raise their grades, some teachers are willing to give extra assignments to help.

“ I often give an extra credit opportunity,” teacher Ed Belsan said. “Today, with my ninth graders, I said, ‘look at your grade and if you’re on the edge of a B, or you’re on the edge of a C and it looks like you might not pass, then I’ll email you an extra credit assignment. I like doing it that way because that way the kids who want to put in the extra, last-minute push to get their grade up to the next level can do it. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to get them over the hump.”