Marching band kicks off season at Pantherpawlooza

Klaudia Manis

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The marching band started its season with a bang at Thursday night’s Pantherpawlooza. 

To start, the band warmed up and made preparations to perform at 7 p.m.

After the warm-up, the band performed the three acts of their 2019 show, About Love by Jason Lord.

With features of ’80’s ballads and more, each act of the show signifies a different aspect of romance, as told by the music.

The first act represents heartbreak, having harsher tones while the second represents a stage of searching for and meeting someone. Following the jazzy second act is the third and final act, representing the stage of falling in love by using hints of famous composer Tchaikovsky.

Despite being its first performance, many of the band students felt that the event showcased the summer hours they spent practicing.

“We still have a long way to go, but it’s pretty impressive especially since we still have a lot of new marchers and freshmen this year,” sophomore trombonist Aubri Rice said.

“It’s from a lot of commitment we’ve put in, and by the end it’s gonna be real good.”

Others felt that the night made them more aware of areas that needed improvement.

“I thought that the setting and all of the (viewers) really highlighted what we need to work on,” freshman percussionist Ty Johnson said.

Some onlookers expressed their enjoyment of hearing the music.

“I thought the band did a fantastic job,” sophomore Sebastian Stevens said.

“(The band) sounded really good, it looked like a lot of work,” sophomore Cody Crist said.

The band closed with the school fight song, bringing an end to Pantherpawlooza and the first performance of this year’s show.