Tips for excelling in school

Nyla White

It’s crazy that we are already two weeks into school and there are some of us who have everything right on track, like Jakel Allen.

“I am good at getting stuff done on time and getting to places I need to be,” Allen said.

Yet some others are falling behind already, but plan to get their grades right. 

Here’s some tips to help you find success:

*Prioritize your life. 

Whatever matters to you should be placed in order of what is most important. That can be homework, sports, an after school job, studying and, of course, hanging out with friends. Rank all the stuff you have planned that day so you can complete what needs to be done first. It is also a good idea to set deadlines for yourself, so you can turn all your assignments in on time.

*Time management

This is one of the most dreaded words for most of us, but we will have to get used to it. As students we must make sure that we are on task. It is all right to fall behind, but we don’t want to stay behind. If you have time management, it allows you to accomplish  more in a shorter time frame, which lets you take advantage of learning different things and it relieves the stress of wondering if you did your assignments. Listen, we just have to face it, time management is a key to be organized and will help all of us be successful this school year. 

 *Have fun

School can be so stressful, when you are having a rough time in class you can take a deep breath, then exhale. Take a moment to gather yourself and focus on doing one task at a time. This is a good time to turn to your friends for support or even a good laugh to get your mind off of things. 

But, don’t take too much time because you will need to get back on task. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Falling behind or taking a break are both part of the process. 

Quitting is not an option. Besides, we have a lot of school work and homework to do, but we should definitely have fun while we are doing it.