Unloaded gun found in student possession at DHS

Jordan Allen

At 10:30 a.m. Thursday, principal Tim Hamblin made an announcement on the intercom that an unloaded gun was found in a student’s backpack in DHS. 

The search occurred because a student had notified administrators about another student in possession of drugs. The student’s backpack was searched for drugs, which is when the unloaded gun was discovered.

School Resource Officers immediately took the student into custody. 

Because there was no threat to students or staff, the decision was made that the school would not be in a lockdown. Following the decision, an announcement was made over the intercom, and at 10:40 a.m., an email was sent to parents informing them of the events.

“We take all threats seriously,” Hamblin said over the PA system. “As always, if you hear something or see something, please let law enforcement or administration know immediately. We appreciate this tip being reported. Individuals can also submit a tip through See Something Say Something by calling (316) 267-2111 to anonymously report any potential school violence.”

On Tuesday, the Derby Police Department brought in police dogs to search for drugs in students’ belongings. No drugs were found.