Berry Review: The Mousetrap


Photo by Sara Brown.

Janeah Berry

The Drama Club presented Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, a murder mystery that takes place in London in the 1950s, on Oct. 17-19. It was an amazing performance by the Derby High School cast and crew. 

A shrill scream opens the play as the murder of Maureen Lyon is taking place. 

The setting that follows is with Mollie Ralston and Giles Ralston (played by senior Michelle James and senior Bradley Roudybush). They are a married couple who own the Monkswell Manor. As they wait for their guests, the news of the murder and the characteristics of the suspect is coming through their radio. 

The first guest to arrive is Christopher Wren (played by sophomore Cody Crist). He is zealous with people and has a peculiar personality. The second guest to arrive is Mrs. Boyle (played by junior Alivia Bolain). She is a shrewd, older woman who knows what she wants and expects it to be done right. 

The third guest to arrive is Major Metcalf (played by junior Donavan Calhoun). He is a retired British Military officer. The fourth guest is Miss Casewell (played by junior Jenna Anderson). She is more reserved compared to the other guests and obscure. The last guest (who was not expected) was Mr. Paravicini (played by Gabe Almodovar). His car got stuck in the horrible blizzard that was happening that night and found sanctuary at the Monkswell manor. He is a humorous character but also dubious. 

Act I Scene II is when the last character is introduced: Detective Sergeant Trotter (played by senior Cole Davis). He arrived at Monkswell Manor by skiing. He was there urgently because the manor was connected to the murder of Maureen Lyon. He says the murderer has two other people on the list. 

The murder is in relation with the song three blind mice. As the lyrics and tune were sung in an eerie tone, I did not realize the unsettling concept of this nursery rhyme. This played well into the murder mystery. 

Later, one of the guests that arrived earlier was killed. Everyone is on edge. The telephone doesn’t work. They are all snowed in. They can’t leave. One of them is a murderer. 

The last mouse is trapped. 

I will not spoil the ending as this is where I was on the edge of my seat. Everyone should experience the feeling and puzzling question of whodunit in The Mousetrap. 

The beginning has a lot of dialogue which may seem like the play is taking forever but it’s important to know the characters and the intertwining information of the crime and clues on who is the murderer.

The acting and the emotion was notable and portrayed the dimension of each character well throughout the play. 

The people behind the scenes worked hard in my opinion as it showed greatly onstage. I loved the details and set in the play. 

For a person who usually sees musicals, I really enjoyed the play and the plot twist.