Starting college application process time-consuming, but necessary

Jillian Wedman

Fall is much more than warm food and spooky socks for graduating seniors.

Fall season is college application season.

Senior Kaylee Baker has had her heart set on Kansas University since she was a little kid. 

“So it wasn’t difficult to choose,” Baker said about applying. “I want to look at other options but that’s my top option.”

She has been accepted into Kansas University.

Every senior faces pressure in deciding their future. For Baker there is an added stress from her parents. 

“Both of them are very opinionated and want to make sure I have all the options in front of me,” Baker said. 

Pressure is often self-inflicted because it comes from the uncertainty of where to attend college. 

Senior Avery Denney faces a crossroad — attending Washburn for law school or KU, as the rest of her family has done.

“My brothers and my uncle all went to KU, so that kind of makes me want to go to KU,” Denney said. “But I don’t know. It kind of depends on where I’m at to figure out where I’m going to go to college.” 

Luke Smith’s family history is also influencing his decision.

“Kansas State University, it’s where a lot of my family’s gone and I’ve gone up there for a visit,” Smith said. “I’ve toured their business building and accounting area, so I know what it’s like up there already.”

Smith is in the Butler Early College Academy, but he has his sights set on a four-year university — unlike many of his friends.

“Not really a lot of pressure from my parents or my friends because some of them are going to (junior colleges) and stuff like that,” said Smith, who will graduate with his associate’s degree. “I’m not going to a two-year because I already have my first two.”

A sense of uncertainty has washed over the senior class. It’s time to decide the future, it’s no longer just about location. The students have the power to pick their college — and they’re hoping for the best.

“I would say, listen to your gut feeling. Do what you feel, don’t over pressure yourself,” Denney said.