Jones: Call me black

Olivia Jones

When most refer to the black people they use the phrase African-American — to be polite — but is that the correct way to refer to black people?

No one wants to say anything racially offensive, but would you call a white person Caucasian- American?

Not all black people are from Africa. 

There are black people that are British-American, Haitian- American, Jamaican, French, Native American and black people that are mixed with other races.

“I just prefer to be called black,” Aneesa Abdul-Hameed said. “I feel that when people say African-American they are overly trying not to be racist.”

The main conflict is that the term African American should not be the definitive term. 

“Yes, my blackness defines me, but it’s not everything,” Abdul- Hameed said. “It’s not all I am or all I will ever be.”