Thanksgiving’s time for varied traditions

Parker Dunlavy

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated widely throughout the US, and is often celebrated very differently throughout many families.
At Derby there are many students with many unique traditions that may make you change up your holiday.
Ethan Johnson doesn’t do anything special, but he has a good time. For his traditions all he makes is a simple meal, but that’s not the good part. What he likes
is the family time.
When they wind down from their meal, the Johnson family spends the rest of their night watching cheesy comedy shows and enjoying each others company.
“We don’t do anything special, we really just hang out and watch cheesy shows,” Johnson said
Chad Boone goes all out. His family will make three turkeys and all of his Kansas family will be with him.
Boone lives with his two elementary brothers, and his infant brother, Austin, John, and Noah. His brothers, he said, are loud and have a lot of energy, so
sometimes he takes them on a walk or to a park to wind them down for the big meal.
“My brothers can be crazy so we sometimes have to get them to calm down with some outdoors,” Boone said.
Jackson Ging has a family-based Thanksgiving. For his Thanksgiving, he goes to his cousin’s house, and he does as he says, redneck things, like pulling a sled on a
tractor. Also he usually eats ham instead of turkey.
“We really just eat ham because its just better,” Ging said