Law students get a hands-on experience with crime scenes.


Crime scene in Officer Carlson’s room

Alyssa Lai

The crime scene is set up, fake blood is splattered onto the table and yellow caution tape surrounds the door outside. Law students file into Officer Carlson’s room

Soon after, Officer Carlson explains the pretend scenario that took place in that very room. She states that three students were having lunch and after a disagreement, one got hit on the face.

The students scatter the room to find clues and examine the scene. 

Outside other students are found examining Mrs. Cicora’s car. They perform tasks like dusting for fingerprints and taking pictures of the crime scene.

Junior, Rose Milligan describes her experience in this activity.

“We took fingerprints and how that works is, there’s this black powder and this brush that you swipe over an object. Then, you get this certain kind of tape then you tape it to the surface. That is when the fingerprint should come off. Not only is it really hard but sometimes it doesn’t work.”

She also states how helpful this event has been for her.

“A lot of people in law have big dreams of being in law enforcement ,and this is like kind of a big step for us. Because not only gets us ready, but it kind of gives us an idea of what we want to do with our lives and help our society.”

Crime scene outside of Mrs. Cicora’s car