Snow day during finals week hurt students

Olivia Jones

It’s finals week and students are stressing over late work, homework and last-minute grade saving. 

The last thing on their mind is a snow day. 

While most students liked the idea of having Monday off, they did not realize what they were missing. 

“It was nice to start off with, but throughout the day I realized that I wasn’t getting the reviews I needed for finals,” junior R.D Pipkin said.

For some students, what was supposed to be a relaxing day brought on more stress and anxiety for finals. 

Junior Lauren Hernandez feels that a snow day right before finals was not a good idea.

“I actually didn’t enjoy it because if class would’ve been in (session) I would have had extra help from my teachers to prepare for finals, but I didn’t,” Hernandez said. 

While snow days are a relief, having one the week of finals may have done more harm than good.