Q&A with Panthers guard Derryana Cobbins

Callie Knudson

Q: As a transfer student from Heights, how has Derby made you feel like you fit in with the team?

A: “They’re all just welcoming and they helped me get around the school…. The community here is just so welcoming.”

Q: How would you describe the work ethic of this team? 

A: “We work hard every day. I’s just the mindset of the game…. It’s all the little things. We take our practice very seriously and we transfer that into games.” 


Q: As a whole, how have you guys done this season? 

A: “I think we’ve done pretty well. Our mid-season tournament starts today…. Our chemistry is starting to come together better and we’re playing better.” 


Q: Individually, what have you succeeded in this season?

A: “I’ve succeeded in my defensive game. It’s gotten a lot better along with my mid-range game. I’ve also gotten a positive mindset when I go out there on the court.”


Q: Out of all of the teams you’ll play this season, who do you think will be the biggest competition?

A: “I think if we play Topeka in our midseason tournament, they’ll be some tough competition.”