Manis review: Coffee shops

Klaudia Manis

As a high school student, caffeine can be a must-have, but sometimes the same places can become boring. Here are five worthy cafés for the coffee fanatics out there.

Churn & Burn – 546 S. Oliver

Churn & Burn is the place to go for both an ice cream and coffee fix. The shop’s menu offers both ice cream and coffee options as well as “Churn & Burns,” which is a combination of the two. While an order is being made, the liquid nitrogen process used to create the ice cream can be seen behind the counter. An addition to the coffee is the interior: the shop displays pieces from the Joyland theme park that closed in 2004. Churn & Burn is different than the average café.

Reverie Coffee Roasters – 2202 E. Douglas Ave.

Reverie Coffee Roasters has a menu full of options, from beverages, to meals and even bags of coffee beans to brew at home. Each latte served at Reverie is appealing to the eye as well as the taste. The pastries come in a variety of unique flavors. Bottled cold brew is even up for purchase. Inside is a calm atmosphere, with photos lining the walls and windows to let in natural light. Reverie is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

Flavors Coffee and Ice Cream Bar – 3700 E. Douglas Ave.

Who doesn’t love coffee and ice cream? Flavors Coffee and Ice Cream Bar, formerly known as College Hill Creamery, offers numerous options, including coffee flavored ice creams. These flavors can be served in a dish or waffle cone, or blended with a brew to create an affogato (ice cream drowned in espresso) or a milkshake. There are also pastry options and kombucha, and each drink is served with a paper straw to promote an eco friendly environment.

Cocoa Dolce Chocolates – 2132 N. Rock Rd.

Cocoa Dolce Chocolates simply cannot be avoided. Gelato, coffee, pastries and gourmet chocolates are all on the menu. There are an assortment of flavors offered for each item, and there are even gift options for those who have a taste for chocolates. The shop also provides a bright but relaxing lounge designed for enjoying the area with a friend. Located in Bradley Fair, it’s also a convenient break for those who enjoy shopping. When out and about, Cocoa Dolce is a place to be sure to look for.

Olive Garden – 1718 N Rock Rd.

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of it. With pasta, breadsticks and soups, Olive Garden remains one of the most popular Italian chains in the United States. One thing that the restaurant isn’t well known for? Coffee. Olive Garden offers hot coffee, iced coffee and frozen coffee options on the menu. Better yet, each drink has an Italian influence on its taste. Next time at dinner, try mixing things up a bit with some Caffé la Toscana coffee.