The real family behind the Addams Family performance


Hailey Jeffery

If the cast had to describe the drama club in one word it would be: family. They are all one big family that helps each other with everything.

When asked what the best thing about being drama is they all replied with, the friendships they make.

“I met these people like three months ago, I literally cried at senior circle and I didn’t even know them that long. I think it’s that they’re all so nice and kind and they just let you in, it’s just really sweet,” sophomore Isabelle Charles said. 

The musical “The Addams Family” brought out many different feelings. Some of those feelings were worry, joy and sadness. For sophomore Ashton Sowden seeing her family in the crowd made her more confident.

“Knowing that they’re there all supporting me and everything. After the show my grandma pointed out that she could hear me in my mic from the pit — that was really cool that she knew my voice and could hear me,” Sowden said. 

“The Addams Family” musical was Isabelle Charles’s first time performing on stage with the drama club.

“It was really scary at first cause I haven’t been on stage in a long time without a lot of other people behind me, so like being able to conquer that fear again and getting on stage was really nice and really exciting,” Charles said. 

For junior RD Pipkin the finale of the play made him sad but also less overwhelmed. 

“It’s sad, you go from having rehearsals every day after school to then all the sudden having nothing, but at the same time it’s a big relief because it’s not as much stress anymore,” Pipkin said.