Wedman: travel safety tips

Jillian Wedman

I do not consider myself an avid “world traveler,” but I do consider myself an avid United States traveler. I’ve been to 11 of the 50 states in the United States and cannot wait to go to more. Eleven might seem unimpressive compared to 50, but how many people do you know that haven’t even left Kansas before? It is a bigger number than expected. My dream is to become a world traveler — Machu Picchu where you at? 

I have compiled a list of travel safety tips that any traveler, experienced or other, will need.

  1. What to wear

It is important to not make yourself a target. That’s right, you have been officially warned that wearing matching family vacation shirts could potentially be a safety risk. Consider the environment of where you’re traveling to. Be careful with your more expensive items such as cameras, Louis Vuittons, your $300 pair of Nikes, jewelry, and Ray Ban or Gucci sunglasses (to name a few). Take what you need, we can all see how cool you look later. Try adding an old strap to the camera, take a less noticeable bag, wear more common name brand shoes, leave your more valuable jewelry at home, and cover the labels on your sunglasses. 

  1. What to pack

As any traveler knows, you know that you don’t always know. In other words, anything could happen. It could rain, you could miss your mode of transportation, the stars could fall out of the sky and aliens would invade the Earth. That last part was made up, but a traveler can never be prepared enough for the weather. Pack light but efficient. Bring sunscreen, a light rain poncho, extra socks, sunglasses, a water bottle, a jacket, some cash (no 100 dollar bills), chapstick, paracord bracelet, and keep a small cosmetic bag for bathroom essentials. 

  1. What to know 

Do research on your travel destination. Google Maps is a traveler’s best friend, well, it’s really anyone’s friend. Who even knows how to use a foldable map these days? Google Maps has a download feature that allows you to use offline. Take advantage of that feature when you are traveling. Doing research beforehand will give you an idea of what to do as well as where to go. 

These are a few tips to keep your traveling safe. The best advice I can give — put your phone down and enjoy your surroundings. The world is an amazing place and changes in the blink of an eye. Instagram can wait.