Continuing construction forces Panthers to adjust


Photo by Benjamin Moore.

Ava Brackeen and Hailey Jeffery

With long-term construction still underway, students and staff across Derby High are forced to adjust their schedules along with the renovations. 

For some students that drive, the construction has adjusted more than where they park, it has also impacted their entire morning routine. 

For sophomore Haley Clark the limited stalls and work on the parking lot push her to leave for school from 7:00 am to 7:15 am.

Although she didn’t know too much about the construction, Clark has an opinion on the construction of the parking lot. 

“It just gets in the way a lot and it’s just kind of annoying,” Clark said. 

For some teachers like Jenni Johnson, construction has affected their daily routine. 

“I used to park outside of the locker rooms in the gym area so now we all have to park in the faculty lot, so I have a little longer walk, it’s not as quick to my office anymore,” Gym teacher Jenni Johnson said.

Few actually know all the plans of the construction.

“I know that’s it’s a three-year plan and we have to all be patient and understanding, and I know that the building is off-limits in the summer,” teacher Carrie Sharpe said.

The new additions include a “driving entrance/exit off of Rock Road,” security Kelley Baney said. 

“What’s being built off the back of K-building is going to be an alternative school. On the other side of the drive is going to be a parking lot back by James Street. The alternative building will also be a FEMA shelter.”