Parking stinks. Deal with it

Jillian Wedman

Parking — enough said. I am a senior, and although I do not believe seniors are entitled to anything more than what the underclassmen are, I do think some things should be respected. After all, we have been here for four years and that is an accomplishment in itself. 

Here’s the deal. Walking is good. Walking in the cold — eh. Walking from Canada to the front of the school and being late to class because there is no parking — no. 

Seniors, this is not the underclassman’s fault. I don’t believe it is anyone’s fault. 

We are expanding the school and that requires flexibility. So suck it up — if I can walk up from the back lot to the main entrance, so can you. It doesn’t make you any less of a cool person. 

With every problem a solution should be provided. I think we can all agree that parking is a problem. Here’s a few solutions:

No. 1: reserve spots through the office. I would spend money to buy a spot so I didn’t have to walk all the way up again. The office should set up reserved parking for seniors in particular because we arrive at different hours and parking is rarely available. It’s like sharks swimming around, stalking the one person walking to their car, then — ATTACK! Let’s prevent that problem with reserved parking.

No. 2: if spots can’t be made with a paid reservation, let’s get a shuttle or at least cut the students that park in the back a break. It is not my fault that I got to school 10 minutes early and couldn’t find a spot to park. 

I’ve seen the golf cart. Can we use that thing? Invest in one that has multiple rows to fit more students. Want an example? Go to Life.Church on a Sunday. People are carted all over the parking lot. 

Teachers, security, principals — please cut students a break.

Students — it is not the end of the world to park in the back lot. It could be a lot worse.