Coronavirus: How will it affect Derby High?

Caleb Day

“We shouldn’t fear it,” DHS nurse Christy Higginbotham said. “We need to follow precautions and limit exposure.

Steps to prevent coronavirus

*Wash hands for 20-30 seconds with soap

*Cover mouth when coughing or sneezing

*Avoid touching your face — eyes, nose, mouth

*Avoid exposure to concentrated areas

Coronavirus days?

Wichita State, Kansas and Kansas State have all closed their campuses. There will not be any face-to-face classes. Instead, classes will be conducted online.

Could that happen to Derby schools?

“It is potentially an option,” assistant principal Corey Gabbert said. “We have to pay close attention and teach our students (about the coronavirus).”

No fans allowed

NCAA Tournament


NBA season suspended



MLS season suspended for 30 days


Coachella postponed until October

Khalid concert

TED 2020 postponed until July


Big East tourney

SEC tourney

AAC tourney

ACC tourney

Big Ten

Pac 12


Green Day concert