Jillian Wedman: Lots of memories for Class of 2020, despite painful finish

On March 17 at 4 p.m. students received a call from USD 260. 

I will never forget the heartbreak I felt in that Walmart parking lot. Little did I know that March 12 was the last day of my high school career. 

With all of that being said, it is important to hold on to the good memories. 

*Memories of the first high school football game.

*Singing our class chant wrong the first time.

*Trying out for a team. 

*t’s a good day to be a Panther.

*Laughing during Winter Olympic games.

*Dancing at the dances. 

It is a tough blow to seniors — don’t let it define your high school experience. 

As for the yearbook, we will have our 2020 book. Staff is working around the school closing.

You can expect a spread on the effects of COVID-19 — but that doesn’t define us.

Our school year has been much more than the virus that shut it down. 

Remember the good in the year. 

If you know you know, Panthers are more than COVID-19.