Bored in the house? Here’s some fun ideas

Callie Knudson

Tangram Brain Teaser Puzzle – A fun way to keep yourself busy, comes with a book of challenges to do. – 

Tanagram Puzzle

Solo Tiny Table Pong – During quarantine we’re social distancing, so why not learn how to play tiny table pong by yourself? Comes with a handheld table and ball to play with. –

Tiny Table Pong

Magnetic Poetry Kit – Magnetic words for you to create poetry on your fridge, washer, etc. –

Motivational Stress Balls -Stress balls that will help you destress while also encourage you. –

Motivational Stress Balls

Spirograph Design Set – You can create unique designs with the stencils and make artwork for your room. –

Spirograph Design Set

Burrito Blanket – This blanket will be a conversation starter and it will keep you nice and cozy. –

Burrito Blanket

Wreck This Journal – If you’re so bored that you want to rip up paper, scribble all over everything and just flat out wreck stuff, this book is perfect for you. –

Toilet Night Light – This toilet seat light has 16 colors that you can change it to. If you don’t like going to the bathroom at night because you’re scared of the dark, you should check this out. –

Toilet Night Light

Color Changing Lightbulb – Do you want LED lights but your mom doesn’t want them to ruin her walls? This lightbulb goes into your normal light and can change to just as many colors as the LED light strips. –

Sno Cone Machine – If you want sno cones in winter but there aren’t any sno cone places open, just make your own. –

Portable Inflatable Sofa – This sofa only needs air to inflate and then you can lounge around wherever you choose. –

Inflatable Sofa

Watermelon Ball for Pool – Fill this ball with water and you’ll be able to dribble, kick and pass this ball, all while underwater. –

Watermelon Ball

Mini Air Hockey -Mini air hockey table that you can play almost anywhere. Comes with pucks and hockey paddles. –

Air Tent – Instant tent, all you need is a box fan. Make sure to grab blankets when you enter. It’ll be chilly. –

Air Tent

LED Color Changing Candles – Real wax candles, fake flame, changes colors. What more could you want? Comes in sets of three and four. –

LED Candles