Students react to news of football team’s quarantine

On Monday, the entire football team, managers and coaching staff were quarantined due to two Covid positives. About 300 students total were put in quarantine.

Yearbook and newspaper staff members reached out to members of the team, as well as other students.

**Literally, I’ve never been so spooked to be in the cafeteria,” senior Alivia Bolain said. “When (principal Tim) Hamblin got on the intercom to announce what was going on, the cafeteria was silent. You could hear a pin drop. The whole school went silent.”

**”I feel like (quarantine) should be done for the school because we should all be safe about it, but I’m definitely sad about it,” sophomore running back Dylan Edwards said.

**I felt like my heart skipped a beat,” sophomore Marina Loera said after being told that she was being sent into quarantine because the person who sits next to her tested positive for Covid. “It all hit hard all at once. I didn’t know what the rest of my nine weeks would look like. When they escorted me to my car in a golf cart, I felt it was all a bad dream. I called my mom, and she was in disbelief.”

**“As of right now, there’s no word about the band, but we will just keep working on the music,” sophomore band member Lani Schenelle said.

“I’m concerned about what happened because I don’t know what is going to happen, the uncertainty is really annoying….I’m bummed that we don’t get to play. I was looking forward to that.”

**”I’m concerned, scared and I don’t think we’re handling this correctly,” junior Brooke Cooper said.

**I think they should just send us all home just for today,” junior Natalie Ulwelling said. “Since the football team is such a big part of our school, I feel like it will end up affecting the whole school.”

**”Nervous. It’s weird to think about, and I’m not sure who I was in close contact with. But I have not been experiencing symptoms, and I’ve been wearing a mask,” junior yearbook staffer Frani Medina said after she was sent home to be quarantined.

**”I’m mad because I don’t like online school,” sophomore football manager Brooke Atkinson said.

**”It sucks,” freshman football player Kaidan Fleshman said.

**”With being sent home, we lose two JV games and possibly two varsity,” sophomore football player Derek Spring said. “With that we are all still going to prepare by having a zoom meeting every day — going over scouting reports and film. Coach (Brandon) Clark is also sending out a home workout plan for us to follow over the two weeks of us being quarantined.”

**“It just sucks that a lot of things are going to be canceled now, like Homecoming, the games, playing at the games… especially with the Homecoming game, to be specific,” senior drumline captain Nathan Jolly said. Jolly is a member of the Homecoming court.

**“I was really excited to see my boy put that crown on his head, but maybe not now… they better have it, even if it’s later on,” sophomore snare player Ty Johnson said.

**“It kind of sucks. I was looking forward to it,” sophomore marimba player Leilani Schnelle said.

**“I was kind of excited, but ultimately I’m glad it got canceled,” sophomore vibraphone player Esteban Macias said.

**“I just feel bad for the people who have Covid,” junior vibraphone player Savannah Hein said.

**“Well, all I got to say is if they followed the guidelines like they were supposed to, then something like this may not have happened. I’ve seen them countless times without masks in practice and outside of practice. They just ruined the chances of other sports getting to play by being inconsiderate,” junior clarinet Hannah Hessman said.

**“I honestly feel that if a football player gets Covid, the whole school should go home for two weeks. That may seem drastic, but I have yet to meet one person who doesn’t have a single class with a football player. To completely contact trace, the best thing to do would be to send home the whole school,” junior Chloe Christensen said.