Football’s domino effect

Fridays are so much more than football

Agness Mbezi

On Sept. 21, students went through a range of emotions as they were thinking about their homecoming game on Friday being canceled after the entire football team was quarantined due to Covid-19.

More than 300 students were sent home Monday, although that number dropped to 94.

But what many realized is Friday night’s game is bigger than just the football being played on the field. 

Football has a big impact on students all over the district, but especially the ones that attend the high school.

It’s a domino effect. 

“The whole team was sort of shook up because we have been working so hard to get ready for our first game. I think my first thought was that if there’s no game, then all of our practice went to waste,” sophomore ]dancer Alyssa Binkley said.

Since Binkley performs at the football games, this turn of events directly affected her.

Football is one of the few times people get to see the dance team perform. They put lots of time and effort into making sure that the routines are perfect and worthwhile. 

“We spend countless practices learning and perfecting dances so that we are prepared for games. This year, we have been working since June to prepare for our football season… As for the team, we all put work into choreographing routines and cleaning them for performances,” Binkley said.

The cheerleaders also are present at game.

“Cheering at football games is a huge honor, I love the fans interacting with us from the stands and the atmosphere is great overall,” freshman cheerleader Rylee Silva said.

This would be Silva’s first time cheering at homecoming. As a result, she was really saddened when she thought there would be no game. 

“I was upset because I was really looking forward to cheering at not only my first home game, but it being homecoming night. The team and I have worked really hard to make everything perfect for this night and it would be a shame if we didn’t get to show the fans what we have put together,” Silva said.

Cheerleading, another fallen domino from the impact of Covid.

But the band would have been affected, as well. What would football be without the music celebrations after a touchdown?

“What makes (performing at football) amazing is when everyone is hyped to perform and the mood is really high,” senior Miaka Rivera said.

Football also is an opportunity for fans to show their support and have a good time. 

Derby football impacts me because it’s a big stress reliever. When I’m having a bad day and after a stressful week, it helps to be able to go to the football games and hang out with friends,” freshman Kayleigh Burgess said.

Burgess cried when she thought the game was going to be canceled. 

Derby football is why I love high school,” freshman Conner Xander said.

When most people think of Derby, they automatically think of football. That’s because it has such an influence on people’s lives.

Even if you’re not playing or performing, you’re supporting.

It’s a domino effect.