All football-related activities suspended due to Covid-19

Tonight’s football game was canceled, while Homecoming coronation was postponed

Jordan Parcell

Tonight’s football game against visiting Salina South has been canceled due to eight positive Covid-19 cases related to the football team. All football-related activities have been suspended, as well.

“I’m very sad about the decision,” sophomore running back Dylan Edwards said. “I know the school did everything to keep us playing tonight. But people’s health is way more important than a football game. I’m sad it happened, but I guess it should’ve been done.”

Practices and zero-hour workouts are suspended, as well.

The homecoming festivities have been postponed until a later date. 

“It’s definitely a little frustrating,” said Adam Bradley, who is a Homecoming king candidate, as well as a member of the drumline and the dance team. “Not only for the homecoming candidates, but for everyone who has a part in these football games like the football team, marching band, dance team, and cheer team. As disappointing as this is, however, it’s still fortunate we are able to have football games instead of being all online.”

King candidate Nathan Jolly, who is a member of the band, was upset.

“It’s kind of just out of the blue,” he said. “I think they should’ve informed us earlier instead of a few hours before the game is going to start. And I have family coming from Oklahoma hours away. Unfortunately, it just sucks for a lot of us and family wise.”

Sophomore Kenai Indalecio, a football player, wasn’t surprised.

“I kind of had it coming because the number of players that are dropping has been dramatic,” Indalecio said. “Every person that gets Covid there is like 5-6 people getting sent home on our football team. So we were dropping like flies, and sooner and later the numbers are going to run out and we’re not going to have enough to play.

“It’s not just us here you know. It’s schools everywhere are getting affected by this, so I kind of expected them to come to the decision to cancel it.”

Campus canceled tonight and its Oct. 2 games.

“I am upset about it,” Indalecio said. “I wanted to play tonight. It is probably the only chance, the only game that I could have actually played.”

It has been a rollercoaster week for players, band members, cheerleaders, the dance team and fans.

On Monday, 312 students were sent home due to Covid, including the entire football team, which initially thought it would have to quarantine through Oct. 1. By Tuesday, all but 94 were able to return to school.

“I went from sad on Monday to really excited on Tuesday to now depressed,” freshman Danielle Turner said.

Senior band member Malia Hernandez added: “I’m so upset…. The band worked extra hard to cram and make everything as good as we can for the game tonight and now it’s not happening at all.”

For those who already purchased tickets, they can be used at a later game. 

The cancellation of the home opener was announced at around 12:30 p.m.

Panther’s Tale staff members provided additional interviews: Reese Cowden, Kyle DeVault, Sierra Duckworth,  Evan Signer, Mya Studyvin, Haley Waughtal.