Page 2: Quirky questions and hot takes

Junior Cody Crist

Q: What’s your favorite dessert?

A: “Over rich chocolate cake, that … is so perfect.” 

Junior Ashlyn Rhue

Q: What’s your favorite animal? 

A: “Probably birds.”

Sophomore Hayden Winters

Q: How do you feel about the election?

A: “I think both sides are conflicted and corrupt. People will say this is the worst election yet, but it’s just more obvious how conflicted and stupid both sides are.”

Junior Kylee Cotton

Q: What’s your favorite scent? 

A: “Probably lavender, because it’s really refreshing.” 

Sophomore Aimee Penka

Q: How do you feel about the BLM protesters?

A: “I feel like the BLM protesters are doing something super powerful. It’s really amazing to see them standing up for their rights and their lives.”